The brand Darwi, initially composed only of varnish, was completed with self-hardening clays, acrylic paints but also other types of paints for all your crafts.

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  • Modelling and moulding

    Sculptures, modelling or moulding are possible with the Darwi range!

    If you like to create objects, jewels, sculptures, figurines or characters, Darwi clays and their fine grain are your best asset. The range is suitable for professional modelling but is also available in several versions including one adapted to children: the Darwi Kids. For both young and old artists, Darwi is the trusted partner!

    Make sculptures in white or terracotta Darwi clay, in classic or Roc clay, the hardest after drying: ideal for fragile achievements.
    One of the clays, Extra-Light is a light clay suitable for making large jewelry, decorative objects for paintings, frames or other works.

    Softy modelling clay, very colourful and flexible, will delight little ones! Softy is designed especially for young children. This vegetable clay never dries and can be reused infinitily.
    No more getting your hands dirty because Softy does not colour your fingers! It will delight schools and kindergardens.

    Finally, the casting plaster Darwi Form, also called plaster of Paris is THE material you need to make mouldings or prints of quality.

    All our modelling clays are made in our factory in Belgium!

  • Varnish and glue

    All your paintings, sculptures can be easily protected with Darwi varnishes!
    Acrylic varnish, varnish with alcohol, glue varnish, crackle varnish...

    Make your choice :

    • Darwi alcohol varnish: protects your achievements and hardens in depth. Also available in bomb, you will appreciate the ceramic finish of this varnish!

    • Gloss acrylic lacquer: water-based, this varnish is suitable for fragile surfaces

    • Glue varnish: realize decoupage, collage thanks to the ideal texture of this varnish

    • The crackle varnishes: one or two steps to transform your realization and give it an old look or simply create a contrast of colours!

    A super strong glue completes the range. Perfect for scrapbooking, gluing several pieces into a Darwi self-hardening clay sculpture or Cernit polymer clay once baked.
    This 100% non-toxic glue is extra-strong for bonding all porous surfaces such as cardboard, paper, wood, etc. For all your crafts, you can count on the effectiveness of this super strong acrylic glue!

  • Paints

    Once again, Darwi is indispensable in your creative hobby! The many acrylic paints with various effects, paints on glass or ceramic, detachable paints or textiles ...

    You will find something to do with the Darwi paints! Each type of paint is produced with the utmost care in our factory in Belgium. Couvrance and bright colours are waiting for you!

    • Acryl: matt, opaque, shiny, pearly, metallic or even ... night-glowing!

    • Ice: the frost effect guaranteed!

    • Paint & Peel 3 in 1: The Darwi Window color, detachable paint, modelable and repositionable

    • Glass: painting on glass, create stained glass effects!

    • Armerina: you can paint the ceramic without any baking!

    • Tex: Resistant to washing, the tex range allows you to customize all your clothes, accessories or upholstery.

    • Leather: Bags, accessories or leather shoes can be decorated with Leather paints!

    • Brush Cleaner: Effective for alcohol-based paints or varnishes such as Glass Paint or Darwi Varnish.

    You will definitely find the paint you need!

The brand Darwi, initially composed only of varnish, was completed with self-hardening clays, acrylic paints but also other types of paints for all your crafts:

  • Armerina, cold ceramic painting, also available as markers

  • Glass, paintings for glass,

  • Paint and Peel 3 in 1, detachable or workable paint

  • Tex, hyper-covering textile paint, also available as markers

  • Leather, paint on leather, also available as markers

Two vegetable modelling pastes are also available: Softy and Super-Softy.
These non-drying clays are plasticine intended for children from 2 years old (Super-Softy) or from 3 years old (for the classic Softy).

Since its creation, the Darwi varnish has also evolved and the range now consists as follows:

  • Darwi alcohol varnish

  • The glossy acrylic varnish

  • Cutting glue

  • Several cracking varnishes

A super strong acrylic glue is also the pride of the Darwi brand for its high efficiency! This non-toxic glue is a must have in your DIY supplies.

Since Darwi thinks about your achievements from A to Z, we have also planned a cleaner for your tools: the Darwi Cleaner!

Our products are constantly tested and improved to better suit you. Test them now!

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