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Modelling and moulding

Sculptures, modelling or moulding are possible with the Darwi range!

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  • Self-hardening clays

    For all your sculpted creations, Darwi air drying clay is certainly the most effective clay on the market. The fine grain allows you a pleasant modelling and a flawless result.

    No baking is necessary for our Darwi clay. Indeed, they dry in the air under 24 hours per centimeter of thickness. During drying, the clay does not shrink. This means, you can totally rely on it. Once dry, the realization can be corrected using a scalpel or simply sanding.

    • Darwi Classic, the essential for your sculptures

    • Darwi Terracotta, all the quality of the Classic in a Terracotta colour

    • Darwi Roc, extra-resistant

    • Darwi Kids, our most versatile clay

    • Darwi Extra-Light, particularly light

    All clays are white except the Darwi terracotta, as the name shows.

    All your sculptures can be made of Darwi self-hardening clay, from the most fragile in Darwi Roc to the lightest in Extra-Light!

  • Modelling clays Softy...

    Darwi did not forget the small artists! Thanks to the Softy and Super-Softy clays, even the youngest ones can practice modelling with a clay that never dries and that they will be able to form and deform infinitily.

    The bright colours will particularly please and attract the eye of the children. A colour misses? No problem ! All colours are mixable to create new ones! Thus, open new possibilities of creation.

    Super-Softy is perfect for young children. From 2 years old, children will be able to use this extremely flexible clay.

    A little later, they will switch to the use of Softy, a little less flexible.

    Dyslexic children will be able to use the white Softy which intervenes in the Davis method.

    Softy modelling clay is also suitable for finger rehabilitation. Its malleable texture is suitable for manual work to perform to recover flexibility in handling.

    These clays will not make your hands dirty!

  • Moulding plaster Form

    Plaster is one of the most versatile creative arts products!
    Create smaller to larger castings simply by adding the required amount of water.

    This plaster of Paris or cast plaster is sold in bulk. It is not ready for use but must be mixed with water at a rate of 4 dl per 1 kg of powder.
    Very simple to manufacture yourself, Form casting plaster is perfect for creating footprints!
    Use a mould or print patterns in the moulding.

    When you're done, finish with Darwi Acryl Opak Acrylic Paints and Markers or Darwi Varnish!

Sculptures, modelling or moulding are possible with the Darwi range!

If you like to create objects, jewels, sculptures, figurines or characters, Darwi clays and their fine grain are your best asset. The range is suitable for professional modelling but is also available in several versions including one adapted to children: the Darwi Kids. For both young and old artists, Darwi is the trusted partner!

Make sculptures in white or terracotta Darwi clay, in classic or Roc clay, the hardest after drying: ideal for fragile achievements.
One of the clays, Extra-Light is a light clay suitable for making large jewelry, decorative objects for paintings, frames or other works.

Softy modelling clay, very colourful and flexible, will delight little ones! Softy is designed especially for young children. This vegetable clay never dries and can be reused infinitily.
No more getting your hands dirty because Softy does not colour your fingers! It will delight schools and kindergardens.

Finally, the casting plaster Darwi Form, also called plaster of Paris is THE material you need to make mouldings or prints of quality.

All our modelling clays are made in our factory in Belgium!

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