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Thanks to the many Cernit accessories, create many objects, jewels, accessories in polymer clay!

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  • Texture plates

    Very popular with polymer clay, texture plates are also used for stamping with acrylic or textile paint!

    Choose your favorite pattern in our range.
    Leaves, Geometrics, Village, Nature, Under the Sea ...
    The different models allow you to make many patterns. Print your plates of polymer clay, destruct the drawings and combine them with others for a unique and detailed finish!
    You get very easily prints on your plates for jewelry creation in particular. You will not fail to find your own style in our wide range.

    Print patterns with the palm of your hand or for a more even print with a Cernit stainless steel roller! Not one but several techniques are possible: Impression of the footprints, Sutton Slice to obtain a relief drawing but also the Mica Shift that allows to embed the pattern in the mica flakes of the clay, removing the relief.

    All plates are made of vulcanized rubber, obtained from latex. They are therefore not suitable for use by persons allergic to latex.

  • Tools

    Model, cut, smooth, structure or give relief ... Cernit tools are your material for all types of realization with our modeling clay!

    Cernit polymer clay or self-hardening Darwi, do not hesitate, you need modeling tools!
    All your achievements will be precise and accurate thanks to the Cernit quality tools!
    Thanks to the design of these tools, the grip is easy and the materials do not stick to the clay

    Our range includes the following tools:

    • Blades: flexible or rigid for clean and sharp cutting work!

    • Tool kit: 8 double-ended tools for more possibilities

    • Pasta machine and motor: Create clay sheets instantly

    • Ball tools: For sculpture of figurines, dolls, flowers or to create relief

    • Roll: essential for spreading, lowering or printing the clay

    • Cutters: versatile, these offer a perfectly clean cut

    • Photo Holder: perfect for making gifts or decorations
      Bead roll: create regular and perfectly smooth beads!

  • Silicone moulds

Thanks to the many Cernit accessories, create many objects, jewels, accessories in polymer clay!

Structure plates, silicone moulds, modelling tools, jewellery parts... Many possibilities open up to you ! Create decorative elements with silicone moulds, stylish jewelery with texture plates, or use tools to shape your doll or figurine sculptures.
Jewelery parts allow you to create matching trimmings. Pendants, earrings, key chains or brooches ... Let your imagination speak!

The novices, as well as the more experienced users, will appreciate the ball tools to create relief, the blades to cut sharply, the textured plates to create a variety of effects! Among the essentials to get to start the polymer, you will find the blades, the stainless steel roller and textured plates that will quickly become your allies for the creation of jewelry or for printing other Cernit pieces.

Divert their uses for more creation!

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