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Varnish, mica powder or Magic Mix plasticizer are so many ways that you can use to enhance your achievements.

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  • Varnish

    Matte or glossy, the finish of your Cernit polymer clay is perfectly smooth and resistant thanks to the Cernit varnishes!

    Varnish is a good way to get a shine easily. Indeed, it will fill the pores of the clay and make it perfectly smooth and regular.
    Matte or glossy, the Cernit varnish must be baked. Once the baking time is over, it will protect your achievements. They will not fear blows or falls!

    Apply with a finger or brush, this water-based varnish allows you to give the final touch to your jewelry, figurines, dolls, boxes and decorations with Cernit polymer clay.
    A real asset to keep your items in good condition for as long as possible. Prefer matte for a more discreet effect of the varnish.

    The shiny varnish meanwhile, gives a polished aspect, very appreciated for the realization of false precious stones or jewels.

  • Sparkling

    Cernit Sparkling mica glitter can be applied to your achievements to skate, make them sparkle, change the colour or give a colourful glow.

    20 colours divided into 4 ranges: metallic, interfering, diamonds and duos.

    Metallic glitter are perfect for jewels! The interferents have a very covering rendering on dark colours and more discreet on light colours. In both cases, the colour effect can be seen by changing the viewing angle.
    The diamonds colors, made from glass powder, are ultra-brilliant! The powder catches the light and the diamond effect is guaranteed!
    The latest range, the duos, offer an effect never seen before! The powder changes color depending on the light. The clearer the color of the clay, the more subtle and discreet the effect of these powders will be.

    When mixed with the varnish, apply the powder evenly! This will enhance the visual of your achievements by bringing a touch of light.

  • Magic Mix

    Never throw a roll of polymer clay again !! The Magic mix will save you countless times by softening your clay. A must-have!

    The Magic Mix Cernit is a plasticizer that is involved in the composition of the clay. It is therefore perfectly compatible with it, unlike other water-based products, such as glycerin, sometimes used to soften the clay. If these tend to make the clay brittle unlike the Magic mix that allows you to get a clay that is even more flexible and resistant after baking.
    It does not alter the colour or the rendering of the polymer clay in any way. It is the perfect product to accompany you in all your creations: coulis making, liquid polymer, chewing gum clay.
    With this revolutionary product, erase all fingerprints or irregularities on the surface of Cernit before baking.

    Be careful, add the product drop by drop thanks to the applicator cap until you get the consistency and the desired effect.

  • Cernit Glue

  • Cernit Alcohol Ink

Do not settle for simple polymer clay: add extra touches with Cernit auxiliaries!

Varnish, mica powder or Magic Mix plasticizer are so many ways that you can use to enhance your achievements.

Start by selecting the mica powders that interest you. Depending on the usage, you will have the choice between metallic colours, interferences, diamonds or duos (which change of colour according to the light). To add a touch of shine by mixing with the clay or a surface by spreading it with the finger, the sparklings are perfect!
Create light effects on your jewels: necklaces, pearls, pendants, cabochons ...

Among our varnishes, make your choice between large packaging (250 ml) or small (30 ml) and between the matte and shiny finish.

Cernit's Magic Mix plasticizer is a revolutionary way to bring to life your polymer clay that has become too firm. Thanks to the applicator bottle, easily dose a few drops of products and mix little by little until you get the desired consistency: rejuvenated but relatively firm, flexible clay, chewing gum clay or coulis!
Use it also to smooth fingerprints or imperfections of the clay. In a nutshell, the Magic Mix is ​​THE product without which you will not know how to work!

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