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Acrylic paints

Matte, pearlescent, metallic, shiny, phosphorescent or ultra-opaque, Darwi acrylics offer a whole range of possible creations on the support of your choice.

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Darwi acrylic paint is used to decorate a piece that can range from Darwi self-hardening modelling clay to wood, plastic, aluminum or even Cernit polymer clay! It is indelible once dry and very covering. The paint dries quickly.

This high-end paint is an acrylic resin and offers perfect resistance after drying. Several techniques are available to you for its application: the brush, the stamp, the stencils. Regarding the 80ml bottles, you can even use the pipette as an applicator!

Different versions of this acrylic painting are available:

  • Acryl Mat: the high viscosity of this matte paint allows good coverage. There are 43 shades, that are miscible to create new ones.

  • Acryl Nacre: 8 colours with mica powders, a very fine type of glitter that gives this aspect of nacre.

  • Acryl Metal: the mica powders contained in these 5 acrylic colours give them their metallic effect.

  • Acryl Brilliant with a glossy finish

  • Acryl Opaque: the thick consistency of the paint and the importance of the pigments make it extremely opaque. There are 38 bright colours that can be mixed for even more choices. The final result is matte.

  • A drying retarder

  • A phosphorescent colour

How to use the Darwi Acryl?

Shake your bottle or mix the paint before starting.

Apply your paint with a brush, a pad or use a stencil to draw perfect patterns.

For thin layers, count half an hour of drying. The thicker you paint, the longer it takes to dry. Wait longer also if you have used the drying retarder.

Once completed, you can clean the equipment with water.


Darwi Acryl paint is also available as markers in different sizes. The painting has exactly the same characteristics. The drawer will be particularly satisfied to be able to reproduce his drawings on all types of surfaces and objects thanks to these felts (umbrellas, planks, stones, etc.). Feel free to test the perfect coverage of our markers!

Different sizes are available:

  • 1mm or 3ml of capacity, available in 30 colours

  • 3mm or 6 ml capacity, available in 30 colours

  • 15mm or 25 ml of capacity, available in 12 colours

  • Assortments of 12 markers of 1mm tip

  • Assortments of 12 markers of 3 mm tip

  • Spare tips are also available in packs of 10. If you use your markers on an abrasive surface, your tips will deteriorate and need to be replaced from time to time. The same is true if felts are used by children who would risk to damage the mines.

Why buy the paints Darwi Acryl?

  • Our acrylic paints are your allies for excellent coverage! Their high quality and their properties make them very resistant once dry

  • The wide range of colour s allows the less experienced to work many tones without having to make mixtures

  • The practical packaging is adapted to your work

  • Felts of the same quality allow you to achieve even more simple effects

  • Our paints meet the highest standards of toys

All our paints are made in our factory in Wandre, Belgium.

If you require further information on this product, please do not hesitate to contact our team to the following phone number : +32 4 362 19 90 or via e-mail :

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