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Mediums and oils

Various mediums and oils are essential for the preparation of your Schjerning colours with or without lead. Used as drying retarders, thinners, brush cleaners or essential to certain techniques, you will find all the necessary ingredients in our range.

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Schjerning mediums and oils are used for the delicate grinding of vitrifiable powder pigments, with or without lead. They act as a binder to give the pigment the necessary texture for the technique and the work that you wish to achieve.

The oils are used:

  • to replace the mediums in some techniques (like the American technique)

  • to fluidify a mixture of colour and medium already prepared

  • to slow down the drying of the paint

  • to clean brushes after use

The essences make it possible to slow the drying of the paints and to thin the colour and the medium mixed beforehand.

It is very important to carefully measure the medium to obtain a preparation that is not too oily, in which case it could spread, bubble or peel during baking. The preparation should not be too dry because once it is baked, it will have a dull appearance and it could even disappear over time. The amount of medium varies depending on the pigment. It is therefore better to do a test mix the first time.

The ideal to allow you a good dose is the use of a dropper or bottle with pipette directly on the cap. Adapt the dosage to the pigments used and techniques performed. It is best to test in advance on a "draft" surface.

All mediums disappear during baking and leave the pigment behind.

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