Polymerclay which hardens in the oven, has a porcelain-like finish
Kneading time is shorter than for other clays

Does not stain hands nor working materials
Odourless, even when baking

  • Storage (5°C - 25°C)
  • Cook 30 minutes
  • Oven bake
  • Not suitable


  • NUMBER ONE: 40 standard colours with porcelain-like finish
  • GLAMOUR: 16 colours with pearlescent or metallic effects
  • TRANSLUCENT: 7 colours with translucent effect after baking, 1 night glow colour
  • NEON LIGHT: 4 neon colours
  • NATURE: 4 colours with earth and stone effects
  • SHINY : 8 effects colours
  • DOLL: 8 colours suitable for artists and doll makers with shades close to the skin colours

All colours can be mixed together to create new colours and effects


  • Always work with clean hands on a clean surface. Knead the clay gently to soften
  • The clay can be shaped, moulded, embossed or combined with other materials: stones, beads, feathers, … Other materials can be added (powders, paints, etc.)
  • Pre-heat electric oven at 110°C to 130°C / 230°F to 266°F. The baking time is maximum 30 minutes. !! Do not use a microwave oven !!
  • After baking the realisation is so firm that it can be drilled, filed or sanded
  • Use DARWI acrylic paints, oil paints or CERNIT varnishes to enhance your realisation 

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